Bo Derek Free Celebrity Sex Tapes

Bo Derek Celebrity Sex Tapes

Born:20 November 1956 Long Beach, California 
Height: 5' 4" 
Measurements: 35 - 23 1/2 - 35 1/2
She is currently in production on a nighttime soap opera "fashion house" in San Diego. Bo was also chosen as one of the judges in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant.
Stepdaughter of stuntman Bobby Bass. Turned down the Jessica Lange role in the 1976 remake of King Kong (1976).

Tarzan, the Ape Man: Jane Parker visits her father in Africa where she joins him on an expedition. A couple of brief encounters with Tarzan establish a (sexual) bond between her and Tarzan. When the expedition is captured by savages, Tarzan comes to the rescue. A modernized "version" of the Burroughs classic. Bo Derek sizzles with off-beat sensuality as she cavorts with her appealingly shy and muscular ape man lover.

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Bo Derek Free Celebrity Sex Tapes